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Hello friends, how are you, I hope you all are doing well. Today we will talk about Dr. About the drive game, although most people know about this game, but today we will know in this post about whose history this game was inspired from where this game was created and what special features are available inside it. We will mention all these in this post, so stay tuned in this post till the end, let’s start.

Dr. In drive game you have to drive your car very carefully and save from traffic in the city and people coming and going and also have to take special care of traffic lights. In this game, you get the option to increase the handle, brake, race, which you can adjust according to your own. Also, after opening in this game, you get the option of game timing, keeping in mind that you have to reach the destination on time for your car.

Along with this, you see the arrow symbol, you see it according to it. You have to drive. In this game you can suck 1 way or 2 way according to you. And you can enjoy the full entertainment of the game. So friends, let’s know about its story and its special features.

About Dr. Driving

Know about the history of Dr.Drive. This story starts from a village where very few educated people lived. And in that village there was a person who was educated and a doctor. And this is where the story of this game begins. And that doctor used to work hard to take his work to greater heights. And this hard work paid off in front of him. In the meantime, that doctor bought a vehicle due to lack of adequate means of transport to come and go in the city.

But when the doctor is not there, he did not know how to drive the car since that time. Then that doctor thought that a driver should be hired for driving and he hired a better driver. He had this idea in his mind that he himself should drive this car. Then he told his driver that I also want to learn the car and teach me the car.

Dr. Driving

And slowly he started learning the car. But in the meantime, one day he got into an accident while driving at high speed and he was taken to the hospital and got cured after some time. And then he decided that he would never drive too fast. And will also prevent other people from driving fast. Friends this is the story of Dr. Drive Game Key.

Accordingly, this game was named Dr. Drive Game. Well, I can suggest you that whenever you drive, drive at a limit speed. And in this game too if you drive right considering your speed limit and traffic then you will definitely win the game. So come friends. Know about the features of Drive game.

Some Special Features Of  Dr.Drive Game

Dr.Drive game was started on 19 January 2013. Its manufacturer is SUD Inc. Dr. Drive game is available for Android mobile and iOS platform. And this game is one of the very favorite game of the people. On Google Play Store Dr. Drive Game has a rating of 4.2. When the Dr.Drive game is initially started, the first thing you see is a car, on the top left hand corner, the camera button appears, which you can set.

After this, you see the brakes on the bottom and the speed up and down buttons on the right hand side of the steering, so that you can increase and decrease the speed. Apart from this, you see the arrow symbol above for the location, seeing which you have to drive the car. At the same time, the game time continues, at which time you start playing the game at the same time.

Some Special Features Of  Dr.Drive Game

Along with this, you have to reverse the button which shows the rear location in a mirror. You have to drive the vehicle accordingly. In addition Dr. In the driver game, you also get to see the turn of the left and right. Many missions are seen in this game, in which there are many missions to go to park the car and reach the car to a certain place etc.

Which you have to take the train to a certain place according to the time. Timing keeps moving upwards, meanwhile you have to take the train to the destination and if you have not reached according to the time. Then the game is over. Take special care of these things while playing Dr. Driving game.

How To Download Dr. Driving Game

You can easily download Dr.drive game from play store. To download from Play Store, in the search box of Play Store, Dr. Search by typing drive. After that you click on the install button and install it. And if you want to download it from Google then you can also download it from Google. To download from Google, in Google’s search box, Dr. After writing the drive, search by applying mod apk.

How To Download Dr. Driving Game

After that you click on the above website. Then in front of you Dr. Drive download option will appear. Now you can download by clicking on it. Apart from this, if Dr.Drive game is already available in your device, then you can enjoy the new features of this game by updating it from play store. This game is also available for Android mobile, iOS platform and PC.

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Today we learned about Dr.Drive game in detail. In which we learned the story related to Dr. Drive and understood about it, from this story we learn that it is appropriate to drive at a certain speed while driving. Apart from this, we learned about the special features of Dr.Drive game. And also where can you download this game.

Today, about 8 years have passed for this game, but even today this game is very much liked by the people. So friends, in today’s post, that’s all we meet in a new post. And if you like our post, then stay connected with us daily like this. And if you want any amendment in this post, then definitely tell us that too.


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