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Hello friends, how are you, I hope you are all doing well. Today again we are here with a new post. Today we will talk about the very popular game Free Fire. The full name of this game is Garena Free Fire Booyah Day. The very favorite game of the people Free Fire Game More than 1 billion people have downloaded it. This game is an action, battle royale game, this game is played online.

The player’s group lands on the ground with a parachute by jumping from the plane in time. The player has the freedom to jump to the location shown on the map at his own will. And he can fight the enemies with the help of his group. Can combat. Can you? Let’s know a little about this game. Garena Free Fire game was launched on 23 August 2017. The game started ruling the hearts of the people at launch.

This game was ready for Android and iOS platforms. After 2 years in 2019, the game became very much liked all over the world. Apart from this game Garena Free Fire Max is a part of the same game designed keeping in mind the graphic and adventure which was opened to a user in September 2021. Today we know about the history of Garena Free Fire game and some special features of this game.

History Of Garena Free Fire Booyah Day Game

Know about the story of Garena Free Fire game. Although this game is a very popular game, very few people know about the story of this game. A mysterious organization named after the double F, under this organization, people are found and captured and taken in their possession and surgery on them to transform them into their own form.

Taxes and new power are put in them and there a team of scientists oversees this thing. And the format of these person is changed so that he can fight well and perform well against the team in front. All this After preparing them from a plane, they are given a task by landing on a Bermuda island and the team of scientists present there takes care of things.

Garena Free Fire (1)

Sends you to a new challenge. This was the back story of Garena Free Fire. And friends, let me tell you for your information. Free Fire game was released before Pubg game. Pubg game which is banned in India in today’s time. But at that time The number of fans of pubg game was high. It is an online Group game. Free fire game is a game inspired from a battle royale movie.

Forrest Lee is the founder of Garena Free Fire Booyah Day game. Free fire game when world wide But when promoted, the number of its fans became very high. Due to the popularity of the Free Fire game so much, Google Play Store has been awarded the Best Popular Game Award in the year 2019. So friends, let’s know and know about its special features.

Best Character Garena Free Fire Game

The number one character in this game in Garena Free Fire game is Chrono. Next comes the Raphael character which helps to finish the saying quickly. Since Comes After This Comes After and Olivia Character whose Power Healing Touch and You get to see the support of 70 HP Extra in it. If you revive this character of 70 HP then you will get 70 HP if you do this collector of revive.

Best Character Garena Free Fire Game

After this comes the character Alvaro which helps in repairing the damage, its repairing capacity is 16%. This option increases the power of Granite. When you use Resolve in Karina Free Fire game, you get a big help in playing. Then there are the characters Lora who help you to get each bullet. After this the play keeps happening, its eligibility is 800. It helps to kill the anime 10% more.

NEW FEATURES Garena Free Fire Game

In Garena Free Fire game you get the option of New Drone. Apart from this, there is an option of M1887 reload in which you can reload the super gun again. In Free Fire, you get repair kit animation in which you can repair your kit to increase its energy. Also the option of New Mushroom Animation which helps to increase your game performance.After this comes the character of Cali who plays a very powerful collector, its LBT is very high, it increases the speed of your game play.

NEW FEATURES Garena Free Fire Game

After this comes. The ability of maxim which helps to play free fire games is 40%, it uses 40% more speed at the time of update. After this comes the character of Mogo which is a very powerful character of Garena Free Fire game. This correct tells the location of the anime for some time after it is shot, meanwhile you can easily kill the anime.

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In Garena Free Fire game you get racing track and target range renewed which helps you to suit you well. Apart from this, it gets update of Ravival system and there is option of more weapon choice. With the help of all this you Can do well in sports.

Best Apk Download Site

To play Garena Free Fire game, you must first download it from play store. Garena Free Fire is available on the Play Store under the name of Booyah Day and it is absolutely free game. After downloading, install it. Apart from this, you can also download it from Google. You can easily download it from any website by searching the same name in Google. After this you can play Garena Free Fire game only online. This game has a rating of 4.2 on play store.


So friends, today we learned about the story of Free Fire and where did this game start. We learned about all this in detail in that post. Apart from this, we told you about the special feature and character of Garena Free Fire game. How to install and play this game. About all these Go. Tell us how did you like my post and stay connected with it daily for such interesting posts. And if you want to give any suggestion then also tell.


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