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Hello friends, how are you, today we will talk about Google. Well in today’s time everyone knows about Google. Because in today’s time, the biggest search engine is Google itself. To get information about anything For the first time, we search something on Google itself. Even if it is not in any area, in today’s time everything is available on Google, so let’s know when Google started. Realese date by September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

At that time, he was a PhD student in California, USA. Google has completed almost 23 years today. Whenever we search for anything on the Internet, the first thing that comes to mind is Google. Because this search The largest platform of the engine is here to know about all kinds of things, information about the area or any technology. All kinds of information is available on Google today and being the oldest search engine, it keeps all the things inside itself. are preserved.

Google being a search engine or a lot of photos, millions of billions of pages are stored inside itself. Google spends most of its revenue on advertising and sales of Android mobile phone apps and on it Google gets the fee. Today Google is the world’s most powerful and most used website. Today people can do all kinds of online work very easily through Google.

In earlier times through advertisement TV But in 2007, Google introduced Google Adsense for the promotion of Google Adsense i.e. advertising on Google Mobile. In which advertisements related to the employment of the person, showing advertisements on mobile phones running a website app through the Internet. And reaching such people in such a way that people get connected through advertising.

How to Translate From Google to Hindi and English

The use of Google Translate is very easy. First of all you have to search Google Translate in Google. After that you select the language and set the language in which you want to translate. Then you translate it through voice. In today’s time, you can easily translate Hindi to English or English to Hindi on Google. The facility of this app is available in the form of Google Translate from January 2010.


In today’s time, most of the people who know little about English Those people translate Hindi into English. About 500 million people come in 1 day to translate Google. can find. The Google Translate app was created in 2008 to translate spoken language. After that in February 2011, this app was released for 109 languages and 45 languages that can be translated through one voice.

Google Account

In today’s time almost everyone knows about Google Account. But in earlier times people were unknown to it. Google Account means the person who wants to connect himself with Google i.e. user’s own account in which he can store information and Google asks for correct information from the user, which is received by Google through Google Account.

Google Account

In simple words, we can say that the user’s poetry account which includes website services, Gmail, Google Plus, Hangout etc. is associated with Google. For this we need a user account. This is called Google account. After this we need this account in YouTube, Google Maps etc. In this way you can log in to Google by creating your user account.

About The History of Google

Google was first edited by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. When Google started, it was not so popular at that time. Due to this, money was not being produced. Then to make it better, three more investors were appointed for it. After this in 1998 Funding of $ 25 million was received. A new form was created by investing the same.

At the beginning of the year 1999, Brain and Page together increased the rate of development. In March of the same year, Google established its office in California at the same time There, many companies used to work together, in the meantime, Google benefited a lot. After that gradually in the middle of 2020, they built Google’s office in many places.

About The History of Google

Its advantage was in the year 2012, at that time in 1 year. Google’s earnings had reached about 50 to 55 billion. After this, a company called Calico was rendered by Google in the year 2013. Meanwhile, 15 years had been completed by Google. After this, in the year 2016, Google created the Google web browser which was highly appreciated all over the world.

Today Google completes almost 23 years. And today Google works closely with many companies like Facebook Intel Microsoft and many more organizations work together. Google being a search engine, the first user likes to search the data on Google itself. does.

What is Google

Google is a search engine and it is ranked first among the search engines in the world. Google services, Meet, Chat, Google Translate etc. features are available to you in Google. Which you can use. In Google you can type management, emoji, mapping, cloud storage, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Translate and watching videos on YouTube etc.Google Chrome, which came in the year 2008, brought a new revolution.

Alos This Instagram 

Today in which Most users prefer to search in Google Chrome. Google has an Android site that runs better in a smartphone, taking advantage of this, mobile companies have created many Android phones, such as most of Google in today’s time. Searches are done through mobile. Meanwhile, the number of users on Google increased, due to which today Google has become the world’s number one website in the search engine.


So today we introduced Google, Google’s birthday, who made Google together and also we learned how to translate how many languages in Google and convert the user to his desired language. And how we We can create a Google account and how many special features we get to see in it. Today we also learned that how long is the history of Google, we learned the small information related to Google in this post.

Today Google has become the largest search engine. Yes. But in the beginning it was not so easy to do this. Larry Page and Sergey Brin achieved this position after many years of struggle. How did you like this post of ours. If you like it, then share it with your friends. And if you like to see interesting posts like this, then stay connected with us like this.


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