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Download Google Play Store APK (Optimized/Free Purchase) Free For Android we have brought for you Apk and Games which you can easily download and play, you will get a lot of apk here which you can easily download. And can get good entertainment. Download Google Play Store Apk for android so let’s start.


Hello friends how are you, I hope. You all will be good. Today we will talk about such an app which is perfect for everyone. Whether it is an app or a game, apart from this, movies etc. is a storehouse of all things. By this you must have understood which app we are talking about.

So let us tell which app it is. Actually it is Google As we all are aware of this app, we also know that this app has all the facilities like downloading apps, downloading games, movies, books, events, children category etc. Available inside. Which you can use very easily. So let’s first know about the history of Play Store.

Play Store was launched on 22 October 2008. Today this app is going to be about 13 years old. When this app was launched at that time it was an app running like a normal app but by updating it from time to time, in the year 2012, Play Store was updated to Google Music, Android Market and Opened for Google e-books store.

Today it has become one of the most favorite apps of the people. Whether you want to download books or movies or games or apps through play store, then download from google play store website has been appointed for this.

About Google Play Store

The old name of Google Play Store was Android Market. And this is an app powered by Google. In Google Play Store you can download e-books with movies, music. On Google Play Store you have been given the option to download games and download apps on Google Play Store 50 More than a million e-book books have been provided and Play Store in All and Play Store contain these 100 files.

You have a store of television shows and songs, music, and movies on Play Store without any advertisement on Google Play Store. And you can buy games. In Google Play Store, you can find Games, Videos, Movies, Books, Music, TV Shows and Android applications all these are available on Play Store. Google Play Store provides both through Android and iOS.

Google Play Store

This service Available both for free and for a fee on the Google Play Store. To go to the Play Store through Google, you can directly access the Google Play Store by searching the website There are more than 3.5 million apps available on Play Store.

Google Play Store was first introduced in the Play Store at the developer conference. This feature is available on all categories of games and apps on Play Store based on the capability of multiplayer games for Android mobile games. is available.

History of Play Store

The Play Store was developed in August 2008 as an Android Market name. But when it was launched at that time a quality update was required, it was updated and opened to the user after two months. Filtering was then developed with the Android Market in December 2010.

And the App Store’s capacity was doubled. In early 2011, the Play Store became the world’s largest e-books custodian. After this, the same year, Google developed Google Music, which is included in the Play Store itself. Play in September 2016 The store was opened with all android apps.

History of Play Store

In the same year 2021, the Play Store announced a privacy update in which to keep the application secure and confidential. In the Play Store, you mean all the facilities like keeping music, maps and cloud storage etc. Google Play Store was requested to shut down Play Music in 2018.

Play Music Store was removed from Google Play Store in October 2020. And in such place YouTube Music and Google Podcasts were introduced. Later in 2018, Google was given a place to upload news in which Google Player presented through a website but after that Google opened it through Google app.

Special Features Available on Play Store

After login by email id on google play store, click on home button. On left hand side on home button you can download apps like Apps, My Apps, Shop, Games, Children Games, Education Choice by selecting category-wise. After this in Play Store you get the option of Account and Payment Method, My Subscription, Redeem, Buy Gift Card, My Wish List, My Play Activity along with Parent Guide.

Along with this you have App and Game’s option. Many categories are seen in the category, in which some special like- action, adventure, casual, card, simulation, racing, puzzle, with role-playing etc. All these come under the category of games. Apart from this, like- Art and Decision , Auto Vehicle, Book & Preferences, Business, Education, Events Communication, Health & Fitness & Beauty, all these categories show the category of apps.

Special Features Available on Play Store

After this you get the option of Home and Top Charts and some New Release Apps on the home page You can easily download any APK by entering the name of any APK in the top search box.After this, famous apps and games are found at the top of the home in Google Play. Below this are Recommended For You, below it are seen communication and Editor’s Choice apps.

Also This MX Player

And if you see below that then social networking companion entertainment, watch TV movies And below that there are editor choice apps then some lite apps to save space with share videos photos video player editor all these are found in the slide below. So in this way you get to see all the popular apps on the button. Which you can easily from here can download.


The information given above is Google Play Store which is very famous in today’s time. Because Google Play Store is the repository of the most apps. As you have learned in this post that Play Store apps, whether it is games or apps, apart from this, all the things like entertainment e-books and movies etc.

Best Apk Download Site

Are present in this app. So friends today we have In this post, we learned about the introduction of Google Play Store and the history of Play Store as well as some special features. Tell us how you liked this post of ours. And stay connected with us for such interesting posts every day.


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