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Hello friends, how are you, hope you are all doing well. So let’s know about the Instagram app today. By the way, Instagram has become a very favorite and famous app in today’s time. Creating videos, uploading videos and liking videos, commenting, etc. Many features are present on the Instagram app. So let’s first know about when it was developed.

By the way, Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010 itself. was launched. But at that time Instagram was launched for IS operating system. Then after 2 years i.e. in 2012, Instagram was opened for Android mobile app.

This app was launched as a free videography app Gaya. In the month of November this year, special features were gradually developed in it like the website interface of Instagram and in 2016 the Instagram app for Window 10 Mobile phone was prepared.

After that it got good photos and good photos through many more updates and filters. You can design and upload videos. After this, the number of people who want Instagram gradually increased. And now many special features have been added to it. So let’s know these special features.

History Of Instagram

It was created by American residents Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom in 2010. Although the purpose of making it was designed as a computer program, Mike Krieger needed to share photos and videos on the Internet. It was developed keeping this in mind. At that time the name of this app was Burban. But then after that the app was named Instagram and it was created for video making and video viewing and video uploading.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom was born in December 1983, his mother was a marketing executive. Kevin Systrom in college After studying computer science, he did a management course. Kevin Systrom used to work as an associate project manager in the Google company, after that after working for about 2 to 3 years at Google, Kevin Strong created a website called


He started his work. Meanwhile, when he was working on this website, he experienced trouble in sharing photos and videos. After this he decided that he would make a computer program in which he would get rid of his problem. able to get When he made this program, he shared this program with his friends in the beginning. After getting good results, decided to upload it on the social site.

Shortly after its upload, a good response was seen. And they started getting a good profit too. After this some more updates were also required in it. Like in today’s time people like to use filter photos. Keeping this in mind, many filters were added by mixing small and big ones. In this way today The Instagram app in front of it was ready. In which you can see today with many options.

Instagram Special Features

In Instagram you can create live video. In Instagram you can create story add and follow and followers. Also you get the option of like, share and comment. In the setting, you can archive, your activity, scan QR code, save And there is also the option of Kovid-19 guidelines with close friends.

Instagram Special Features

With the home button, you have the option of search and the option to create a video on the top, in which you get many filters, in which you can create photos and videos by choosing as per your wish. can. And then you can use filters in it. There are a lot of updates in it every day. If this app is present in your device then you can take advantage of the features to update it.

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Number of posts you have posted with your profile in this , as well as the number of followers and followings are given. Below this you get the option of many edit buttons. In which you get the option to change your profile, change username as well as add a professional account. On the home button By clicking on the plus button above, you get all the options to create the video and use filters in it.

By using all these you will be able to make a great video. In today’s time many people make videos if they The video is good and liked by the people. So people like, comment and share it and if it is liked by a lot of people then the video maker also earns. If you keep these things in mind then you can create a great video.

How to Download Instagram

Most of the people download Instagram through Play Store. For this, you have to search by typing Instagram in the search box on Play Store and then download it by clicking on the download button. If you want to download it from Google then you can download it. You can also download from Google. For this, after typing Instagram in Google’s search box, put the mod APK.

How to Download Instagram

Then after that you can click on any website and download Instagram from here. Insta today. The number of likes has increased so much that Instagram app is seen in almost most of the Android mobile phones. In which people watch videos and make videos, use filters in photos etc. Today’s people like it very much. Instagram enjoys around 510 million downloads.

And Instagram course on Play Store has a rating of 3.8. Recently a new update has come in it. In which you used to get like, comment and share option on right hand side with new filter and earlier in Instagram. But now its new In the update, you see the button of Like, Comment and Share at the bottom. In this way, if you keep updating in Instagram, then you can update and enjoy the new features.


In this post we have learned.Instagram’s introduction and information about it. Along with this, we also learned that the creator of Instagram, Mike Krieger, who was a resident of America. With his successful effort, we came to know about today’s Instagram. Along with this, all the information about the history of our Instagram and its programming and updates, filters etc.

To know in this post. Also in this post we also know this. Which special features are updated from time to time. And from where you can download it. Today we discussed about all these things in this post. How did you like our post? Stay connected with us daily for such interesting information.


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