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Hello friends I hope how are you. All will be well. So friends, in today’s post we will talk about My Talking Hank Game. My Talking Hang Game is taken from My Talking Tom Cat. That is, this game was released after being influenced by My Talking Tom Cat.

My Talking Hang Game 2 December 2000 My Talking Hank Game was released on 2 December 2016. This game has been launched for Android mobile. My Talking Hang Game The outfit for my Talking Hank game is Outfit7. And the publisher of this game is Outfit 7.

In this game, with new features, the background and graphics have been created in a very good way. In this game you will get to see many different and new features that you can enjoy in the game. My Talking Hank game is one of the popular games played in many countries around the world.

And this game has got a rating of 4.3 on Google Play Store. The purpose of making this game is to make people laugh and provide entertainment. So friends, let’s know about the real story related to my talking hank game.

Srtory OF My Talking Hank

My Talking Hank game tells about the real story of the game. This is the story of My Talking Hank game which starts from a place where a dog named Hank used to live. Some of his friends also lived there. And his friend was also a monkey. They all lived together. And used to go and eat food together.

My Talking Hank

After some time hank needs food to eat. But if he cannot get food anywhere, he asks his friend Monkey for food. So his friend Monkey arranges bananas from somewhere. And they both sit and eat banana. But after some time a lion comes there. Seeing the lion, the monkey climbs the tree. But his friend Hank who is a dog. He is unable to climb the tree.

And meanwhile the lion attacks Hank. And Hank dies there. On this, Hank’s friend Monkey is unable to help him even if he wants. And when the lion leaves from there, then people all mourn his death. Thus the story ends here. Friends, let’s know about other special features of my talking hank game.

How To Play My Talking Hank

Initially, when that Talking Tom Hanks game starts, you are initially asked to enter the date of birth. Feeling this, you can ok. After that the game opens. Now in front of you from the sky from above A basket falls. Inside which one is hidden inside the basket. Comes out of it. Then you see some notification. Which asks for scroll down. Click on it but something else in front of you New options come out.

How To Play My Talking Hank

Using which you can play the game. If Hank is hungry, then feed him and cut it. In which you have to feed Hank with a knife, spoon etc. And as you click on that moment, Hank eats that fruit immediately. Then after eating the food, Hank goes to the toilet. Now you click on the button on the toilet and instruct Hank to go to the toilet. Now Hank goes to the toilet and rests comfortably.

After this, Hank is feeling very sleepy. And now he wants to sleep. You cannot sleep in daylight and you have to sleep for that. For which the sun has to be down to bring down the sun. After that you can add your name to this game. This game is a completely free game. You can easily download this game from late. By playing this game again, you will reach a new level. And you can easily cross many levels in this way.

Features of My Talking Hank Game

In My Talking Hank, you get to see many new features different from Talking Tom Cat. In My Talking Hank game, you get a new way of speaking Hank because it has been made very cool. This makes the player’s mind very happy. And you can also add your stickers to it. Apart from this, you get a lot of pleasure in changing Hank’s clothes and doing all this while taking him to the toilet.

Features of My Talking Hank Game

Lots of new Hang clothes that you can change as per your requirement. All the features you get in this game. You can ask My Talking Hang to feed you bananas and take a bath in the pool. And I’ll give you this your voice It records your voice as well. Then again your same voice says. Apart from this, you can feed Hank to dinner and pizza burger etc.

In this game you can also feed Hank. And if you are. If you beat Hank more then Hank would fall to the ground. And yawns to sleep. And if you do not react during the game, then those sounds also come out. So friends, in this way you can entertain the team by playing the game.

How To Download My Talking Hank Game

You can download My Talking Hank game in two ways. First you can download it from Google Play Store. Or you can download My Talking Hank game from Google. To download from google, you have to type in google search box. After writing my talking hank game, put mod apk. Now you search by it.

We will open the top rank website in front of you. From which image do you click on these? Now you can download from here. Apart from this, you can download My Talking Hank game from Google Play Store. To download from Google Play Store, type in the search box of Google Play Store. My talking hank game and search.

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Now install button will appear in front of you. You can download this game from here by clicking on the install button. And this game is completely free and free game. After downloading this game in your device, you can enjoy the game full of entertainment. That too offline.


So friends, in today’s post we told about My Talking Hank game, in which we told you about the story related to My Talking Hank game. And we mentioned some special features of this game in this post. By using which we have mentioned in this post about some special features of this and this game, by using which you can take full entertainment of it. So friends, that’s all we see in today’s post. in a new post.


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