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Hello friends how are you going to talk about whatsapp messenger today. In today’s time, most of the people use WhatsApp Messenger. It is an Android mobile game but today it has been used in some basic phones as well. WhatsApp was founded by Jan Koum in January 2009.

Initially launched with WhatsApp 2.0 and in December 2009, the version of sending new person photos through WhatsApp was updated. After that it became the most favorite messenger of the people. App Gaya Today, about 2 billion downloads of the Android mobile messenger app have been done.

Today its popularity has increased so much that most people use Messenger to send messages and photos, videos etc. to a person. Today it has a rating of 4.1 on the Play Store. Today this app has been around for more than 12 years and as the time of Messenger passed, so did many updates. Today in which many new features have been included, let’s talk about them. I know.

About WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp was founded by John Koum and Brian Acton, a former Yahoo employee. At that time WhatsApp lacked some special features which are available in today’s time, but after some time it was updated and developed to send photo send, audio send, emoji etc. But when WhatsApp was started, Jaan Koum also faced failure due to its features which did not work completely. But Jan Koum did not give up.

He kept working with his hard work and dedication. And in the end he created one of the best and most used WhatsApp app in today’s time. Let us tell you. He co-founded WhatsApp with Brian Acton in search of a job after Yahoo fired Jan Koum. Initially, WhatsApp was proposed for iPhone mobile, then opened for Android and Ka ios in May 2010. In today’s time, WhatsApp became the messenger running in most Android mobile phones.

WhatsApp Messenger (1)

January 2016 WhatsApp’s assistant Jan Koum said that it is completely free of ads and free to use. And it has all the arrangements for talking, sending messages, sending emoji and social conversation. After that in June 2016 The company’s founder said that over 100 million voice calls are made on WhatsApp every day. After this, in November 2016, arrangements were made for the user of the WhatsApp app to send it to their email on privacy security and for the safety of the user. Then in May 2016.

The WhatsApp company created a new feature for its user. Their goal It was meant to attract user’s attention and create an ad-free app. After this, at the end of 2017, Brian Acton, a WhatsApp company, left this company to work in another group. It was later revealed. That Brian Acton started an association called A Single Foundation. After that, organized and executive created to facilitate the customer on a large scale in WhatsApp. Accordingly, it had to give the best guidelines to both its methodology and the user.

Special Features of WhatsApp Messenger

After the launch of the WhatsApp mobile app in 2009, many updates were made in it. In the first update, features like sending type messages and photos and then sending voice messages etc. After that, emoji setup was to make group voice calls in October 2018. After that in the same month, WhatsApp sticker was introduced. Got a new update. Then after 1 year WhatsApp invested $ 250000 in collaboration with Start Up India.

Special Features of WhatsApp Messenger

After this a new update for iPhone users who have not updated the new version, they will have to update the 2020 version with new features. If there is a 2019 Windows Phone version, then it is said to update it soon. WhatsApp Messenger did a lot of updates in this app at that time.. Then in early 2020 there was a new update for the iPhone, which was based on a new design and many arrangements were done in the background.

Meanwhile, in the month of March, due to the Coronavirus, WhatsApp launched a new update for the world. Together with the health organization, WhatsApp tried to make people aware by sending a message, making people aware and giving tips to prevent it. Meanwhile, a new update in which the version of giving correct information to the people was updated.

Also This Ludo King

WhatsApp also introduced the option to mute and chat in a group for users in October 2018 in which you can set up to 1 week, 8 hours or click on the Always option. Also, mute time up to 1 year Also available. It depends on the setting of the contact. After this in the first month of 2021 WhatsApp announced privacy protection for the user in which you must have seen that it was accepted by the first week of February if any person.

If he does not accept this, then his WhatsApp will be closed for use. On this basis, WhatsApp announced this. This new policy of WhatsApp to share the data of its company Facebook user. But later WhatsApp made an update to the people. She will not share any of your private data with any company. And will take full care of your privacy and security.

Download WhatsApp Messenger

In this way WhatsApp kept its point in front of the user. There is an option to send a video. WhatsApp has launched a special feature for Samsung mobiles in which the option to keep chat history between operating systems is available only for Samsung mobiles but these features will be available in Android and iOS after a while.

Best Apk Download Site

By the way, most people like to download WhatsApp Messenger from the Play Store. Or you can also download from Google. To download on Google, after writing WhatsApp Messenger in the search box, you can download it by putting the apk. And if WhatsApp Messenger is already in your phone You can also take advantage of new features by updating it. In WhatsApp Messenger, you also get a new option payment option, which you can use to send or receive money to your friends, relatives, etc. can use.


Today we learned about WhatsApp Messenger. In which we know about its introduction, when and how it was launched. And know about its updates and special features. Also where to download Messenger. All these things in detail Go. How did you like the information given above. If you want any more updates in this, then definitely tell us and stay connected with us like this.


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