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Hello friends, how are you, hope you all will be better. And everyone will be healthy. So friends today we will talk about brain dots game. Most of the people are aware about this game. This game is a puzzle game. Which was launched on 7 May 2005. And at the same time it was also released in the world wide.

Today this game has been around for a long time of 16 years. But even today this game is a puzzle game for people. Which people with brains are able to clear this scheme. Brain Dots game has a good rating of 4.1 on Play Store. And it has become one of the most liked game by the people all over the world. Today, many parts related to this game are available on the Internet.

Such as Brain Dots 2 and puzzle games similar to this game are available on the Internet. Translimit, Inc. is the developer of Brain Dots Game, also developer of Brain Dots Game 2. So friends, let’s know about this game in more detail.

About Brain Dots Game

Brain Dots Game is a puzzle game, you can use this game in iOS platform and Android mobile. This game first started in 2014. In view of its popularity, many parts of it were released after this. You can download the game to your device and play it offline. And this game is single player game.

Earlier this game was made in May 2014 for the iOS platform. But only after 6 months it was opened for Android mobile. In this game you get single player mode and the developer of this game is Platos Inc and its publisher Translimit Inc. This is a puzzle game. The level has been increased to around 3700 by continuously updating in this game. When this game starts, in the beginning you get a level open, which you complete and move forward.

Brain Dots

In this you have to join two colored dots with the help of a pencil. In this game, in the beginning level, you are given a hint for the guide, with the help of which you can complete the beginning level. And you can also understand whether or how to complete the level. And then as you level up and then as you level up, you start facing difficult levels.

Special Features of Brain Dots Game

After starting the Brain Dots game, an interface like this appears in front of you. Colorfully designed name and two dots in the shape of a pencil in which you are a seven drawn game of Fear and Solve, Simple Fun and Simple Rules. In this game you have to follow many rules. So your can play M well. In this, you get to see the words of two colors, which you have not mixed together with the help of a pencil or pen. By doing just that, you level up.

But it is not so easy to do this. Most of the people are able to overcome the starting level. But as the level progresses, but as the level increases, the difficulties in this game also increase. It is the job of a minded person to cross those. Until these two colored balls collide with each other until your level is completed. In Brain Dots game, you get many things apart from pen pencil. Like peacock feathers, color brush, colorful color pen, color chisel etc.

Special Features of Brain Dots Game

Many things are available which you can use these things according to your need. In this game, you also get the option of crafting upload original stage. Brain Dots game gives usable option in about 15 languages worldwide.In Brain Dots game you have to match the ball of one color with another ball keeping in mind the correct motion guideline of that ball. These two color words can be mixed together. And as soon as these words meet, it increases in all four directions and when they collide with each other, you see many yellow stars coming out at that time.

And if this ball goes in the wrong direction then many pieces of the ball are broken and your game ends here. You don’t get any life line in brain dots game. If once the ball crosses the screen on the side, the game ends when it crosses the screen on the same offside. So friends, take special care of this thing while playing this game.

How to Download Brain Dots Game

You can easily download Brain Dots game from play store. To download from play store, search by typing brain dots game in the search box of play store. And then you can install Brain Dots game from here. Apart from this, how can you download from Google, to download from Google, after writing the game from Bhind Road in Google’s search box, put the mod apk.

How to Download Brain Dots Game

Now you enter it. After this, in the page that will open in front of you, click on any one of the top two to 3 sites. Now the option of brain dots game download will appear in front of you. Now you can download this game by clicking on the download button. Apart from this, you can also download this game for PC computer. After downloading, you will be able to get full entertainment by playing this game.


In our discussion, we learned about the brain dots game. In this, we understood you about brain dots in the introduction according to the heading. In the beginning of this game, this game was made only for iOS platform. But after some time it was made available for Android. And then as soon as this game was launched on the world wide.

Similarly, the number of users also increased in the million. Brain Dots Game is a puzzle game because in this you can complete the level according to your mind. And playing this game also develops the brain that when a person plays this game. So he uses his mind to complete the level. So in this way this game was also prepared for the people who play with the mind. In this post we told you about the special features of this game.

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Apart from this, for which devices have we prepared Brain Dots? And when was it launched? And till now how many levels have been upgraded in it. We have discussed all these things in this post. Apart from this, we keep bringing new updates for us about brain dots game for so long. So friends, in today’s post, that’s all we meet in a new post. And if you liked our post too, then stay connected with us like this.

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