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Hello friends how are you hope you all are well. We will talk about Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. This game was published in the year 2004. Grand Theft Auto Vice City game was created 2 years ago. After that it was launched. Apart from this, you can play this game on Android mobile and window phone, apart from you on iOS platform.And this game is played in both single player and multiplayer mode.

And this game is the game of Grand Theft Auto series itself. The writer of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is Dan Houser and producer Leslie Benzies. Apart from this, the name of the publisher of this game is Rockstar Games and Developer Rockstar North.You can play this download game offline. You can play it by buying it on Google Play Store. This game is placed in Action category and this game is a video game. So friends, let’s know about the history of this game.

What Is Story Of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Game

The story of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game Game playboy .The story begins in 1992 where a man named Carl Johnson lives in the Law Center in Liberty City. And there remains the form of some mafia gang. CG and his brother are members of Sweet Gostra. Both of them go to Liberty City for their work, then catch some mafia gang there and rob them.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Meanwhile, when both of them come to know about the police, then the police go after them. And they both again find their new Forms a gang in which many more people join their gang. Tells about the address and people there. And in the meantime, the police catch both of them while searching. After some time, he is released from the police. But still he does not leave this work.

Then both of them slowly eliminate the leaders of drugs. After this he also kills the writer of the leader. Then he takes his business forward with this money and starts his new life. So friends, this was the story related to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, so let’s know about other special features related to this game.

Special Features of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Game

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game which starts, then you initially see the start button, open the game by clicking on it. As soon as this game starts, you hear a very melodious sound. Which adds even more entertainment to playing this game, this game starts from the Liberty City Airport of 1992.

In this game, after the death of the player’s mother, he comes back to his city because he was working elsewhere before. And then the game starts. Initially, the player sees a bike resembling a bicycle, on which he rides and moves forward. And if you do not want to ride on it, then you can go a little further and take a vehicle. After this you see a little time at the bottom which shows your location.

Special Features of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Game

Along with this, you also see the timing of the game on the top, which starts from the very beginning of your game. As the player comes out riding, the mafia behind him that people attack him and he wants to kill him. And from this the player just has to get up and run away. And then you can eliminate them with the help of a weapon. On doing this, the level up will be phone level up.

How To Play Auto San Andreas Game

When a game starts, you do not have any weapons, but after the game starts, you can go to some locations and take guns etc. from there. In Grand Theft Auto San Address, you have been made very best on the back background and graphics, which gives even more entertainment to the player and apart from this you will get background music and adventure all these things have been provided in this game.

And after completing the level, you have to face a new challenge which you get in the next level, in which you have to finish the mafia gang by reaching the location shown in a map and snatching their weapon from them and take possession of them. How do you get to see in this game by taking and robbing money and increasing your gang further. Come let’s know about this game, friends.

This way Download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Downloading Grand Theft Auto San Cetrus game is easy. You can now download this game from Google Also and also from Play Store.We tell you how to download from Google friends, to download from Google, you have toSearch this game in Google’s search box and now click on search.

This way Download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

of truth and the website which will now open in front of you. Click on the website above. After that Grand Theft Auto San Adreas will appear in front of you, then show you the download button near it, now you can click download and download..

Also This Boom Beach

Apart from this you can also download this game from google play store google play To download from the store, you have to type in the search box of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Google Play Store. After paying to download it, you can easily download it. And enjoy the graphic adventure of background of this game while playing the game.


In Grand Theft Auto San Andres, we tell you about some special features of this game and the story related to the scheme. This game is based on the story of 1992. In which the player returns to his city after working 5 years, he finds out It is that if his mother was murdered by someone, he is ready to do anything to avenge them.

As you will see in this game that the player tries his best to eliminate the mafia gang which is also captured there. So on this basis this game has been made, so friends, how did you like our post, definitely tell us. Stay connected with us for interesting posts. And if you want more updates in this post, then definitely tell us that too.


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