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Hello friends, how are you, hope you are all well. In today’s post we will learn about plant vs zombie games. The first thing was revealed in 2009, but after that the game Plant vs Zombie was launched on 5 May 2009. The spokesperson of Plant vs Zombie presented IGN for PC and Android devices at the time of the game. A trailer was also released in which the special features of the game and the special sound used in it were told through video.

At that time the company spokesperson released a demo of the game in which the player was asked to play for half an hour. After that, user interest gradually increased and in 2011 PopCap was bought by the EA company for about $ 750 million. After this, in August of the same year, the subcap company announced that they would come with a new part of Plant vs Zombie .And they said that they will launch it soon.

The software was launched in iOS New Zealand and Australia in the year 2013. Then a title of Plants vs. Zombie was created. Which was named Plant vs. Zombie Two. In the PopCap company’s Plant vs. Zombie Part 2, in Part 2 in comparison to Part One Special attention has been paid to more features and graphics, and the level of the game in Part 2 also has to face a special challenge.

About Of Plants Vs Zombies

By the way, this game is made with the purpose of entertainment. The purpose of this game is to make people laugh, entertain and pass the time. Well this game was released by PopCap company. We will tell you, by the way, the company was formed in 2000 At that time, Brian Kriet and Jason Kapalka were in the lead. Previously it was included as Sexy Action Cool which was a short title for Desperado’s 1st phrase.

Plant vs Zombies


His first game was Foxy Poker, after that he represented International PopCap Games in 2007. This earned him appreciation on many platforms. After this, in 2002, he was given a government award by Computer Gaming World. This increased his craving. Year 2006 In the year he started the work of making games from mobile games however by working in PopCap business development.

Along with this, slowly he kept on promoting it. After this, the number of users increased in 2007. At that time people’s interest in playing games in their mobile, and computer increased greatly. After that in the list of premium games in 2014, the name of PopCap became popular with Now you could also play online games through this website.

Special Features of Plant vs Zombie

Plant vs Zombie’s Special Modes, Puzzle Mode, Zen Mode, Cervical Mode, Co-OP Mode, Quick Play, Adventure and Mini Play etc. Many modes are available in this game. By clicking on the mode you like, you can play the game. Can you? Let us tell you that in the adventure, you have to try to protect the plants and prevent the zombies from entering the house.

Special Features of Plant vs Zombie

In this game, zombies will enter on many lines, you have to kill yourself with the help of guns, in the meantime you have to do many things. You will get to see the weather, in which you have to protect your plants from zombies during the weather like day, night and fog etc. And in this you will also get many tolls which you can choose and help yourself.

It is very fun and full of entertainment And in its puzzle mode, which includes Base Baker, Zombie Last Stand, Eye Mode, in which you get to enjoy playing in a new way. In addition, you can find its new help desk in the setting. Which will get more help in playing this game.In Plant vs Zombie game, plants are fed by zombies and you have to use guns to protect those plants. And in the meantime you get a star shining like a sun from both of them, you have to click on it.

It happens that your coins increase. With these coins you can buy different types of guns for defense. As you progress further, you will see a new challenge. Currently many parts of Plants Zombie are available .Plant Vs Zombie 2 was launched in 2013 and Plant vs Zombie Garden Welfare 2 in 2013, in addition Plant vs Zombie Garden Welfare 2 was launched in 2016. And in 2019, Plant vs Zombie 3 was launched, thus many parts of Plant vs Zombie are available, you can easily download it from the Play Store.

How to Download Plant vs Zombie Game

How to Download Plant vs Zombie Game

People mainly like to download Plant vs Zombie game from play store. You can download this game from Play Store from Google Play Store. For this, you have to search Plant vs Zombie game in the search box of Play Store and then enter it, now download it by clicking on the download button from you. You can also download from Google from Google, to download on Google.

Also This Vidmate

After writing Plant vs Zombie game in Google’s search box, put the mod apk, after that you click on someone’s website, open the side of Plant vs Zombie game in front of you Now download it by clicking on download. And let it be downloaded completely, after that install this game. Now you can open it and enjoy playing this game. And full entertainment of its special features can lift.


Today we have created the purpose of making Plant vs Zombie game and how to make how many parts of a game as per the liking of the audience. The graphics and nature of Plant vs Zombie game were made like the beauty of nature.So friends, today we have learned about the introduction of Plant Vs Zombie game and who made this game and where it was going to live.

Apart from this, we discussed about its special features. In which you can easily find special pictures We can also take advantage of this very easily. In this post, we also learned how to download any one from where. Thank you very much for reading and understanding our post. How did you like our post? Stay connected with us daily to get interesting posts.

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