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Hello friends, how are you, I hope you are doing well. So friends today we will talk about racing moto game. By the way, most people know about this game. Racing is the favorite game of the people who like the game. Because this game was released about 10 years ago. Racing moto game is a game in the video game and racing category.

This game is a fast racing game. This game was released for Android mobile and iOS platform, apart from this one can also play this game in off window phone. And this game is completely free. The moto racing game was released on 22 July 2011. At the same time it was also released on World Wild. Moto Racing Game is placed under Racing Category and the developer of this game is Droidhen Casual.

And this game also has a good rating of 4.2 on the Play Store. Moto racing game is very much liked in many countries around the world. And it is one of the very favorite game of the people in the racing game. We will tell you about the special features of this game in this post. So friends, let’s know first about the story of this game.

History Of Racing Moto Game

We tell you the story related to which game. Once upon a time. 3 friends lived in a city, these three used to do their different business. One friend was a mechanic of the doctor and the third friend was a bike racer. A mechanic was a very famous mechanic of the area there. That’s why there was often a lot of crowd at his shop. The doctor was also a very honest and decent person.

Racing Moto

Seeing his honesty and success, people often used to go to him for medicines. And the third friend who was a very good bike racer. Then one day it happens that the bike of the bike racer gets damaged. And he takes his bike to his friend mechanic to get his bike repaired. But his friend mechanic will take two-three days to fix that bike. And meanwhile that bike racer does not like this thing. Because he was a good friend of hers. Then he comes home with his bike.

After a few days, one day the bike racer is going somewhere and on the way he meets his friend who is in critical condition, he takes him to the hospital by sitting on his bike in time. And when his friend recovers, he tells what happened to him, meanwhile his friend regrets his words. And they become a good friend again.. Friends, this was the story related to this game, so friends, let’s know about other special features of this game.


Let friends know about how to play moto racing game and its features. First of all download this game on your device. After that open the game. Initially, first of all you get to see the option of Play, Select Moto, Score, Tutorial, More. Now open the game by clicking on the Play button.

After this, the player in front of you rides on the bike and drives the bike on the road. Whatever you have to drive the car right in the controlled direction. And as soon as you drive the car, the speed of the vehicle also increases. In this game, you also see the pause button at the bottom of the side. With which you can pause the game for some time. Apart from this, you see the option of Boost on the top of the screen.


This shows the boost speed of your bike. And in the lower side you see the race, in which the speed of your car is determined. Apart from this, you can change the direction of the vehicle by rotating the mobile. You can change the boost speed of the bike in this to x2, x3, x4. Due to which the speed of the brother increases. And you see it at the top of the left skin, which is the score of your game.

Apart from this, you can also set your name in this game. And in this, you have to drive keeping in mind the left and right turns of the vehicle coming from ahead. And by scoring well in this game, you can also unlock new bikes. By playing the game in this way, you can perform well and score well in the game.

Here Download Racing Moto Game

You can download Moto Racing game in two ways. The first is the Play Store, and the second is from Google. To download moto racing game from play store, search by typing moto racing game in the search box of play store. Now in the page that will open in front of you, you will see the install button in front of the Moto Racing game. Now you can download this game from here. And if you want to download in another way, then you have to type in Google’s search box.

Here Download Racing Moto Game

After writing moto racing game, you have to search by applying mod apk. Now after this many websites will be open in front of you. Click on the website that suits you.

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After this an interface will appear in front of you. In which you will see the download button in front of the moto racing game. Now you can download this game from here and install it in your device. This game is completely free game. So friends get more entertainment for this game.

Conclusion                                    Please Click New Latest Apps

Today in this post we specifically learned about Moto racing game. In this we tell you about the story of moto racing game. And how to play this game. And in this post we told about some of its special features. And where can you download this game. We discussed all this in this post. So friends, that’s all in today’s post. See you in a new post. If you liked our post, then stay connected with us like this.


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