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Hello friends how are you, you all will be fine. In today’s post, we will talk about Sudoku classic Sudoku puzzle game. By the way, Sudoku game is played from ancient times. And earlier when there were no touch mobiles. Then this game was one of the most popular game played in keypad mobile.

The Sudoku game was first introduced in Japan in 1979. This game was created by a retired man with his architecture and converting numbers into a puzzle as a puzzle maker. There are many games available on Sudoku game in the field of Sudoku. But today we will tell you about Sudoku classic Sudoku puzzle game.

The year of the start of this game The year of the beginning of this game The game was started in the year 2018 on July 27. It is at the same time. Also uploaded on world wide. With which you could easily play this game in Android mobile. This game was placed in the category of puzzles. The developer of this game is Beetles Games Studio. So friends know about other features of this Game.

History Of Sudoku Classic Sudoku Puzzle Game

Sudoku game has been one of the games played since ancient times. Earlier people used to play this game by gathering on the place on the ground or on a board with the help of kolam. Because at that time there was not much technology of today’s era. As much as it is developed today.

Sudoku Classic

But gradually as time changed and technology developed. Along with that, Sudoku classic game was created for Android mobile in today’s era. Since then this game has become one of the most liked game by the people. It is played. And it has a good rating on the Google Play Store. Sudoku game classic game is a puzzle game.So let’s know friends. About other special features of this game.

How to Play of Sudoku Game

Sudoku game being a puzzle category game, this game also gives you a unique experience. In which you are able to clear this game by using your mind to set the number in the right place. So in this game you will get some things Special care has to be taken of. Mainly this game you will see on a chart during the game you open it first.

After this you will see a chart in which you will see different numbers in many boxes. According to you have to set correctly in the right box. In this game you get nine inboxes. In which you have to put half of different numbers in different boxes. You have to put in a certain number in the boxes which are empty.

How to Play of Sudoku Game

Most of the people play this game in the news paper as well because it is published in the newspaper every day and people do not feel good playing it there. So friends, let us tell you. So how can you make a good score by playing us. The easy way to play this game is this. That first line or box in which you want to enter the number, call the number in the line or box you want to enter. That number should not be in it online. Take special care of this.

Features of Sudoku Game

You get to see many features while playing the Sudoku classic game. Using which you can perform well in your game and can also help you in making it good. Sudoku classic game is a sudoku puzzle game. In the game, you get some hints during the game, which can be used to perform well in the game.

Apart from this, you get the option of daily challenge in which you practice the game daily. can play better. And there can be a good school. Apart from this, if any number is filled in the wrong box during the game, then you can undo it. With the help of Hint, you can play the game easily.

Features of Sudoku Game

And apart from this, you get three options of medium easy above sudoku game and medium easy above sudoku game and high 3 above sudoku game and high 3 which you can use according to your choice. can choose. And on the top you see the timing button. By which you can reduce your typing speed by performing well in the game.

Apart from this, you also see mistakes above. And you can also pose this game. In this way, in this game you get to see many options, using which you can, in this way you get to see many options in this game, using which you can play us in a good way.

How To Download Sudoku Game

You can download Sudoku Classic game in two ways. You can also download this game from Google Play Store or you can also download this game from Google. To download from Google, you just have to type in Google’s search box.

To write Sudoku Classic Game After applying the mod apk, you search and whatever website you will open in front of everyone. Click on it and now you can download from here. Apart from this, you can also download Sudoku game from google play store.

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To download from google play store, type in most box of google play store. Sudoku classic game and search. Now install button will appear in front of you, you can download it to your device by clicking on the install button. You can enjoy a lot of fun playing the game.


Friends, in today’s post we have talked about Sudoku classic game. In this we have told you when this game was created and for how long it has been there. That’s a game played by the people. And how much this game is liked by the people even today. It has got a good rating on the Google Play Store.

Apart from this, we had told you about some special features of Google Play Store in this post. How can you make a good score by playing this game? We have mentioned about all these in this post. Apart from this, we also let you know from where you can download this game. Friends, that’s all we get in today’s post. in a new post.

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Download Sudoku Classic Sudoku Puzzle Mod APK (Free Purchase/No Ads) Free For Android we have brought for you Apk and Games which you can easily download and play, you will get a lot of apk here which you can easily download. And can get good entertainment. Download Sudoku Classic Sudoku Puzzle Apk for android so let’s start.

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