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Hello friends how are you, hope you are all fine. So today friends, today we will talk about Diggy’s Adventure Phone Logic Puzzles and Maze Escape Game which is its full name but its name is known as Diggy’s Adventure. Diggy’s Adventure game was released in 2012. This game was released for Android mobile and web browser and iOS platform.

This is a video player game that is associated with a puzzle. Pixel Federation Limited, also known as a social game developer, is based on the dollar of this game. The main head office of this company is located in Bratislava, Slovakia. Pixel Federation, Ltd. Pixel Federation company was established in 2007. This company works exclusively on mobile phones and the platform of the Social Game Foundation. Apart from this, many successful books have also been written in this game.

Then gradually the company grew rapidly and built its office in the Middle Eastern region. Diggy’s adventure game that was uploaded to world wide. After this, gradually the number of users of this game increased a lot. Today more than a million people around the world like him. This game is an adventure category game. Come friends, know about the history of this game.

History Of Diggy’s Adventure Fun Logic Puzzles Free Game

Pixel Federation Limited Company that produced the adventure game from Diggy’s .but, this company was established in 2007. But at that time its expansion was very less then it gradually started developing its field in which he wrote some successful books. Apart from this, the Facebook game has been a big part of this company.

Diggy's Adventure

It is believed that today more than 200 of this company are believed that today more than 200 employees of this company are posted at their work. Today this game is a game used for iOS platform and Android mobile. This game is also a puzzle game because in this you have to find some things and put them in the right place. So friends, let’s know about the special features of Diggy’s Adventure game.

Some Special Features of Diggy’s Adventure Game

When the first part of Diggy’s Adventure game starts. Then you initially get the option of Fix Pipeline and Dig Out Tiles with Diggy’s which you have to choose. After this some instructions appear in front of you. Now this game starts. Now in the first part of starting, you have to find the giving star and take it out. And in this part you have to connect the open water pipeline.

Which you have to deliver the water in a proper And right direction.Also, you have to start and click on them. That’s why I get you the option of star click in the top side, it has to be seen in your health line above as well. Along with that there is a counting coupon of coins. Also in this game you meet in James. In this game, with the help of shovel or hammer, you can collect the stars by breaking the rocks out of it. Apart from this, you also get some hide features in this game.

Some Special Features of Diggy's Adventure Game

Using which you can perform well in the game. After completing the first part, your second part opens. By downloading this game, you can play offline very easily. After the completion of the first part, which is the second part, then you get to see some more new challenges. And in this you have to take out the hidden stars. Also, you find it very cute on its adventure and background.

In this game you are given some instructions like how many pipelines you have to connect and how many stars you will get in this part, all of them are told to you in the first instruction. Following which you can play well. And as the level of the game increases, a new background adventure appears in front of you. And something else changes in the game. As the level increases, you have to perform better in the game.

How To Download Diggy’s Adventure Game

You can easily download Diggy’s Adventure Fun Logic Puzzles Free game. You can download Diggy’s Adventure game from play store. To download from Play Store, search by typing Diggy’s Adventure game in the search box of Play Store. Now the install button will appear in front of you. Now click on the install button to download it here.

How To Download Diggy's Adventure Game

Now you can play this game easily. Apart from this, you can also download the degree adventure game from Google. To download from Google, type in Google’s search box, after typing adventure game, search by applying mod apk. Now many websites will open in front of you. Click on the above website. After this, the option of download will appear in front of you in front of the adventure game, click on download and download it.

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Now you can install it on mobile. This game is also available for PC. Play the game after downloading and enjoy the full range of features, background and graphics of the game.


In today’s post we learned about Degree Adventure for Logic Puzzles game in which we told you. How the founder of this game slowly took his company to the heights. And then in 2012 the Diggy’s Adventure game was launched. Today this game has been around for a long time of about 9 years.

But even today the number of people who want this game is very high. And today this game has been downloaded by more than 100 million people. The background, graphics and adventure of this game are quite favorite. This game was placed in Adventure and Puzzle category. Today in this post we have told about the introduction of this game and the history of this game.

Apart from this, in this game, we tell you about the special features of Diggy’s Adventure game, how to play. Which alone will be of great help to you. Apart from this, we also told you that in which device you can play this game and how to download this game. Friends, in today’s post, that’s all we meet in a new post. If you liked our post, then share it. And if you want any amendment in this post, then definitely tell us that too.


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