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Hello friends, today we will talk about Facebook Messenger. Well everyone knows it in today’s time. Facebook app was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 through social media in America. Together with Mark Zuckerberg and his classmate studying at Harvard College in America.

Today Facebook has been a long time of almost 17 years. Even after passing so much time, it is still one of the most favorite app of the people. Facebook launched the app in the name of Facebook Chat in 2008 in which they build this app to stay connected with other on increasing the social service After this, on 9 August 2011, the Facebook company created the Facebook Messenger app.

In which you were prepared enough to send voice chat, audio call and video call and emoji etc. At that time it was launched for Android But in April 2020 Messenger was proposed for Windows and Desktop. It was created to keep the user connected through the Internet. Let’s know about its more special features.

About Facebook Messenger

In the earlier times, people used letters and telegrams to send messages. At that time, due to the absence of internet or the time of technology, there was not as much development as in today’s time, through technology and internet, people can communicate with each other. are connected to the other. There were.

Before the time when Facebook was invented, Mark Zuckerberg had the idea to connect people around the university with whom he needed to provide online information, then after that Mark Zuckerberg along with his friends created Facebook. When Facebook was launched when its name was the facebook.com at that time but Mark Zuckerberg had something else in mind, he wanted. Such a website could be built.

Facebook Messenger

In October 2005, Facebook expanded to the United Kingdom and 20 to 21 universities. After this, by launching Facebook in a school, Mark Zuckerberg added the school network to his social side. After this, there was development in countries like America and New Zealand. Gradually, Facebook was used in about 2000 colleges and 25000 eye schools in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Expansion took place. In September 2006, Facebook was opened to children over the age of 13 and children over the age of 13. But a rule was made to run Facebook, which required the user to have a valid e-mail and address. Will be opened together. By the time of 2007, the number of users on Facebook increased so much that Facebook had about 100,000 pages created by it.

all the documents related to them and their copy were included in the information and information page. Then after that in 2008, Facebook updated that it would make its international headquarters in Ireland. In the year 2010, Facebook presented a series of questions and answers for the user for social activity on the basis of selection and Facebook’s engineers solved the problem of yoga. contribute to the solution Gave.

Facebook Messenger Updates

Special features of Facebook Messenger are News Feed, Timeline, Like and Comment Notifications, Group Chat, Notes, Videos, Facebook Questions, Facebook Gaming, Graph Search, and Special Features of Applications, General Features and Security. And can login with password and login easily by entering user name and password to login any person’s Facebook ID.

Facebook Messenger Updates

User has the option to feed news and make story headline You can comment, like, some special features in this, in which to keep the personal private things of the person in privacy, the creation of a special policy in which you can keep private documents. In this you will get live updates, now video calls in the group and your activities. There is an option to share to Facebook. In Facebook you get to see features like News Read, News Feed, Add Friends, Timeline, Likes and Reactions, Comments, Messages and Inbox, Notifications etc..

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Some hidden features you get in Facebook are also seen. Like me h Request, Active Chats Security and Login in which you get the option to connect from iPhone and Windows PC. Extra Security Use to Factor Authentication in Facebook, and Setting up Get Alert About Login for Extra Security and choose 3 to 5 Friends to Connect.

If You You get the option of Get Locked Out, apart from this, you get the option of Save Link and Save Page. Your Time on Facebook in Settings and Privacy because you can set your time accordingly. Apart from this, you get weekly updates on Apart from this, it also has many other special features.

Facebook Messenger Download Play Store or Google

You can easily download Facebook Messenger from the Play Store. For this, you have to click on Search by typing Facebook Messenger in the search box of Play Store, then download it by clicking on download. Or you can also download it from Google. To download from Google, after typing Facebook Messenger in the search box.

Facebook Messenger Download Play Store or Google

you can easily download it by applying the back mode apk. After downloading, you can login it through login id and password. If your If you already have an account, then login to it, otherwise you can also create a new ID by going to the option of Create. And you can take full fun of the special features of Facebook.


Today we learned about Facebook Messenger. In which we introduced Facebook and successful test by the efforts of Mark Zuckerberg and this effort together with his classmate, which was initially known as thefacebook.com but later on It was modified to Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg wanted people around his college to be connected through a connectivity. Keeping this in the middle, he created a software. Due to this, he launched in 2004.

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Then some changes and new features were created in it. Which today 17 years have passed to Facebook. But even today it is one of the most popular applications of the people. Facebook Messenger has a rating of 4 points. And Facebook Messenger has been downloaded by almost 522 billion people… How did you like this information Stay connected with us for more such information.If you want any update in this, then comment for it. And if you tell your suggestions for modification.


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