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Hello friends how are you. Today we will talk about YouTube. Well, today everyone knows about YouTube. Because through YouTube we can make all kinds of videos, whether it is from entertainment, or any information, or about any news. Information is available on YouTube today. In today’s time, YouTube has become such a platform that for entertainment, all kinds of information for any knowledge is available through videos on YouTube.

In today’s time, television is also far behind in YouTube. Has left. Because earlier people used to wait for hours to watch a program on television, but in today’s time to watch any program, you can search on YouTube and watch it sitting anywhere. It is done by looking at a proper place and the user also feels laziness when showing very long ads on television, keeping this in mind, YouTube was launched in 2005.

Although YouTube has many special features because in it you will get Creating your channel and uploading videos, creating your own content, all these facilities are available at the discount of In which you can share your point with other people by creating correct and unique content. And many more special features are available in it.In today’s time, people can easily solve the problem by searching any thing on YouTube.

And watching it easily through video to save their precious time. Because all these facilities are made available to the user for free through YouTube, so that you can easily download anything you like by searching on YouTube or you can listen to it through online videos. Which we will know in this post. So let’s start.

Open YouTube

You can easily download YouTube to your Android mobile through Google or again from the Play Store. In the Play Store, you have to search by typing YouTube in the search box. After that download it by clicking on the download button. Then to open it, you will have to give your email, which will be verified and YouTube will open. After this you will be able to watch and listen to the video of your choice easily.


YouTube made in the US is a good platform for creating online videos. It was introduced by Google. YouTube was launched in February 2005 in collaboration with Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. When it was launched, not so many special features were available at that time Were as completely different from YouTube as it is today. Because at that time its special features were not available.

But today it has become the second largest search engine after Google due to more likes by the people. Because today it contains all kinds of information whether it is from sports world or entertainment, In watching movies or understanding electronic things through video. Many videos are available on YouTube. In today’s time, YouTube has made a huge platform in the field of technology, in which you can easily take knowledge of all things and upload your information through video and give it to others easily.

YouTube Features

Know about the features of YouTube. Improved Comments, Subscriber Notifications, Video Manegment,360 Degree Video,Better live Experience, Creator Studio App Etc. Other special features are seen. In YouTube’s Channel Studio, you get the option of All In, in which you can add a separate address to create and improve the video.

YouTube Features

Apart from this, in the studio you get a channel dashboard, analytics, commenting, filters There is an option to use etc. etc. If you use all these tools properly, then it helps in making a beautiful good video. You can make a good performance by uploading it to YouTube. If the user likes your video, then a lot of views come on it. Apart from this, you get the option of Explore, Subscriptions, Library, History, Your Videos, Liked Videos, YouTube Premium, Movies, Gaming, Fashion and Beauty, Sports and Settings.

Also This Facebook Messenger

In which you can use all these options. You get the option of YouTube Apps, Create Videos and Notifications. On the right hand side you will find your YouTube channel in which your name is below that in Purchase and Membership, YouTube Studio, Switch Account, Sing Out Your Device Theme Language Location Setting Help to see all such options By using all these, you can easily make or watch your better videos.

History of YouTube

YouTube was started by Chad Harley, Jawed Karim, Steve in February 2005. At that time only we could send short videos and photos to another person. If we want to send it to us, then we are not able to send it. To get rid of this problem, these three people used to work in PayPal company before creating YouTube.

At the time when this website was created, very few people come to YouTube, but slowly when YouTube’s first office was built in California. After that, the number of its users and creators gradually started increasing. In 2006, Google bought YouTube. Asked for this. Their deal was confirmed. After this, YouTube became a very famous website.

History of YouTube

In today’s time, YouTube has become such a big platform that almost 800 million hours of videos are watched in almost every month. If seen, about 7 hours of videos are uploaded every minute. By the way, the number of users and video creators has increased significantly on YouTube. Initially the limit for uploading videos was 10 minutes, after that in 2015 360 The option of uploading videos has also been launched.

But today there is no limit for uploading videos on YouTube. In this way we can understand that in today’s time the number of users and YouTube creators on YouTube has increased a lot, due to which people can download all types of videos on YouTube today. is available.


Today we learned about YouTube. Introduction of YouTube, special features of YouTube and how to open YouTube. We learned all these things. How with the help of 3 people, YouTube has become the biggest search engine after Google today. People prefer to watch YouTube rather than using television.

And all types of videos are available on YouTube, be it from any region. Most of the people like to watch videos in YouTube to get rid of any problem. YouTube is also an entertainment platform. How did you like this information of ours. Stay connected with us for such information.


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