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Hello friends, today we will talk about Ludo King game. Many people know about the game. Because it has been the most played game in the time of lockdown. One, two, three or four people gather this game. You can play this game or you can play this game on computer and yourself. Ludo King game launched in February 2016 started ruling in the hearts of people.

today people play it for fun to spend time. The special thing about the game is In this, 4 to 6 people can play together. This game is a game used for iOS, Windows Phone and Android phones. It has been downloaded on Play Store by more than 500 million people. People’s favorite Ludo King game, let’s know about its special features.

About Ludo King

Ludo king game is free android game. Ludo King game can be played in iOS and windows phone. This game is designed in such a way that 6 people can play Ludo king simultaneously. Used to play Ludo game on paper. As technology developed, in the same way it took a new form in mobile. People bloom together to enjoy this game to pass the time on the journey.

Ludo King

The game Ludo King which came in February 2016 brought a new revolution for the people playing in the group. Ludo King has become a game played in many countries. Game Made in India Ludo King Game made by Gametion Technologies Private Limited Company. It has become the favorite game of the people, today millions of its fans are present in India. In the olden times, the Indian people have a Ludo King game made from a game called Pachisi.

Ludo King game mainly has 2 player mode single player or multiple player, ie this We can understand the matter in such a way that either you play this game alone or you can make a group or two, from 4 to good people can also play together. You can play this game either online or offline. You can play this. Send your code to him through a private code and you can play this game in a secret way. Let’s know about more special features of Ludo King game.

Special Features of Ludo King

The Ludo King game made by a private company has become a very famous game played not only in India but in 20 countries. The special feature of the scheme is that 4 to 6 people can play together in it. There are a variety of colors available that you can listen to as per your choice. In this game play game, play with friend, computer and pass in play, with these modes you can play easily.

In this game you can add your name and you also get coins for good performance. Snacks in Ludo King End Ladders can also be played. In 4 player you get to see four corner board which is red, yellow, green, blue color. In six player two more colors are added. And instead of the board in this, circular board is seen. .In this game you can install and put your photo.

Special Features of Ludo King

Or you can also use any sticker.Now in this game new update you will get to see a new and attractive background on the background and on its graphics.Which Very colorful entertainment is full. In Ludo King you get to see Dark Play Mode and Nature Theme, Egypt Theme, Candy Theme, Butter Theme, Diwali Theme, Peguin Theme, Christmas Theme Etc.

You can choose. This game can be played offline with computer. And you can play Ludo King with two and 6 people offline as well. And people from other countries can play it in a group by joining online. Which game has special features.

How to Play Ludo King Online & Offline

Yes You can play Ludo King game both online and offline. You can download it mainly from Play Store. And you can also download it by installing mod apk after writing Ludo King on Google. If you already have one available in the device then you can update it and take advantage of the new features.

After downloading, you can play it online by sending a request to your friends and family, this 4 to 6 people can play it sitting together. You can play it privately on the social site Facebook. Be the king in ludo now by defeating him. And in this way enter your name in the top list.

How to Play Ludo King Online & Offline

In ludo king you can send emoji to your friend and have fun with him. In this, snakes can play ladders and sit together with the family. Play with your children and relatives. Although this game has been played since the old generations, but now it has taken the form of a new technology.


We know all about the special features of Ludo King and how to play it online or offline. In this new update you can play with new feature. In this game you also get a challenge i.e. you have to become the winner by defeating the front in ludo. In this snake CD game shortcut you have to reach the floor and return after getting bitten by snake. Falling down.

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There are ups and downs in this kind of Ludo game Snake CD game was very popular in olden times. But today it can be easily downloaded in mobile phone, tablet, iOS and window phone through new technology. Made in India Ludo game is specially designed keeping in mind. The game is a game in which 4 to 6 people can play together. And you can enjoy a lot of entertainment. Today it has updated background and graphics and game quality has been upgraded to a new best design.

In this way you will be able to take advantage of the new upgrade. Whether it is for you online or offline. Both modes are great for your friends, relatives or friends. Play with family. How did you like this information of ours. Today we learned about Ludo King. If you liked this information of ours, then stay connected with us. Stay connected for new information everyday.


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Download Ludo King Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Theme) Free For Android we have brought for you Apk and Games which you can easily download and play, you will get a lot of apk here which you can easily download. And can get good entertainment. Download Ludo King Apk for android so let’s start.



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