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Hello friends, how are you, hope you all are doing well. So friends today we will talk about Super Mario Run game. In this game we are going to introduce its introduction, history and best features and where to download this game. All these things will be known in detail in the post. So guys let’s start. The Super Mario game was started in 2016, this game was released by Nintendo Company Limited.

When it was launched, the Super Mario game was released for the iOS platform, but a year later, in February 2017, Super Mario Run was opened for Android mobile. In this game you are seen with Tackle course change. Apart from this, you also get coins in this game. In Super Mario Run game, you get to see many characters, out of which Lungi Mario, Toadette, Toad, Peach, Yoshi etc.

Super Mario Run

characters are seen in this game. Apart from this, you get to see background adventure, cloud And many types of weather are seen during playing in which game. Super Mario Run game is one of the favorite games of more people in the world wide. The Super Mario game has been downloaded by more than 400 million people worldwide. So friends, let’s know about the history of this game.

About the history of the Game Super Mario Run

Let us know about the story of Super Mario Run game. This is the story of two true friends. One which is named Mario and his friend who was a close friend. And both of them lived in the same city. There was a very good rapport and friendly between them. Once both of them made a plan to hang out and after some time these two friends went out for a walk.

And while roaming around, they meet a person who tells them that there is a lot of money, wealth and illusion in the nearby area. If he wants, he can achieve this position by working hard. But that person also told that many obstacles will have to be faced in their path. If they do this work with hard work and dedication, then they will get all kinds of things.

Super Mario Run

On hearing this, Super Mario and his friend decided to go to that place. But due to lack of weapons, going to such an area was not free from danger. But only one thing was ringing in Mario’s mind that he would definitely go there in some way or the other and he would earn all the money. And meanwhile decides to go alone on Mario and then goes there.

Many obstacles come in the way of Mario, but he reaches his destination by breaking all the obstacles. This was the story related to the Super Mario game. Let’s know friends. About some special features of the Super Mario game.

Special Features Super Mario Run

Initially, when the Super Mario game starts, you are asked to tap again with the loading button in front of you. Then you see under certain conditions. Those who have to proceed by bonfire. After that the name of the founder of the above company appears as well as you get the option of letter and link. After this some term and condition which have to be done by aggregating.

Super Mario Run v3.0.24 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked) Free For Android

Then after that you can set your name on the profile. Then after that the game starts by doing OK. As the game starts Mario proceeds with his race towards Coins. And on moving forward, Mario sees a small enemise. Why if there is some mistake, they get try again tomorrow, which can be played again by doing OK. To enlarge the size of Super Mario and if he collides with someone, then the size also decreases. Apart from this, you get the option of such a high jump.

Special Features Super Mario Run

In Super Mario game you have to jump position with If You.Jump willl in midair And touching a Well according to the direction. And typing double leads to a high jump. Apart from this, Super Mario has to move forward by overcoming many other obstacles. If you do well in the game, you can level off with High Coins and you can also do Charecter Shopping with Coins.

Download From Here Super Mario Run Game

You can easy download Super Mario Run game from Play Store. To download on Play Store, write Super Mario Run game in the search box of Play Store and enter Super Mario Run game in the search box of Play Store. After this you will see an install button. Now install by clicking on this button. Apart from this, you can easy also download the Super Mario Run game from Google.

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To download from Google, after typing the Super Mario game in Google’s search, search by applying mod apk. After this, click on the side which will open in front of you on the top. Then click on this site. After this the download button will appear in front of you. Click on the download button. and Super Mario Run download to easy. So in this way friends can easily download this game.

Download From Here Super Mario Run Game

Let us tell you that this game is completely free game and after downloading this game you can easily play it offline. This game being a video game is an action packed video game. The background and graphics of the Super Mario game have been prepared in a very good way, so friends play this game and enjoy its features a lot.


So friends, in today’s post, knowing about the introduction of the Super Mario game and the story of the Super Mario game have been discussed in this post. Apart from this, we learned about the special features of this game.

Best Apk Download Site

Apart from this, in this post we learned from where you can download this game. All these topics are discussed in detail in this post. In today’s post, that’s all, how did you like our post? Tell us the need and if you want any amendment in it, then do let us know in the feedback.


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Download Super Mario Run Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked) Free For Android we have brought for you Apk and Games which you can easily download and play, you will get a lot of apk here which you can easily download. And can get good entertainment. Download Super Mario Run Apk for android so let’s start.

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